Keisei offers online discount tickets for non-japanese citizens.


I will be visiting Tokyo landing at NRT, so a return ticket seems to make sense.

However, I cannot find any info about the "return" part of the ticket. The online purchase system only has one "date of trip" field. You have to exchange you e-ticket for a real ticket at the airport.

Does that mean I have to choose a date/time for the return part at the desk on the arrival date? What if I miss the train on the departure date, can I board the next one?

  • Side question: any risk of the train being full a Saturday morning (my arrival date) and having to wait 30min for the next one?
    – ggttyuhj
    Commented Jul 3, 2017 at 18:26

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As the order page says,

If you are purchasing a round-trip ticket, we will give you a Ticket Exchange Voucher for the ticket of your return trip at Keisei Electric Railway Exchange Locations.

The "date of trip" field refers to the beginning of your trip.

I assume that the voucher in question is not going to have a date printed on it (since it doesn't say otherwise), and that you rather go to a Keisei station on the day you're leaving and exchange it for a ticket right before going to the platform.


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