I found that this website (www.flightsticketcorp.com) provides the cheapest flight details. I would like to know how reliable this site is for flight booking?

Is there anyone who has booked flights using this website?

  • The website isn't written by a native English speaker. For me that raises concerns about the quality of the rest of their product. But I have never used this site or heard of it before. – Calchas Jul 2 '17 at 18:39
  • It also has non-US phone numbers, and doesn't post full prices as required by DOT guidelines. – George Y. Aug 17 '17 at 22:53
  • LOL I ran flightsticketcorp.com/about-us/management through Google Image search, these are some stock images of whatever website CMS, gulfstariq.com/projects2.php here they are with full lorem ipsum :D or here kaitomould.com/kaito-team with Chinese Lorem Ipsum (both texts are the same including name). – chx Nov 9 '17 at 0:40

You should've just Googled their URL. This raises enough red flags* to avoid them:

Note that they operate under many more domain names.

Many negative remarks are not backed up with proof, that's why I 'only' use the term red flag.


I have had a very bad experience, there is an extra cost will be charged after taking your initial payment. When you want a refund, it takes half a year. I am still waiting for my refund and I initiated it in June. Even I contacted their customer services or complaint services, it is not working.


I have a problem with this website, flightsticketcorp.com. I called my Bank to stop my credit card paying for this ticket. I have seen a lot of comments ilke this:

Hi there. These guys are a total scam. I just got caught!

They claim to offer a 2-part payment system. However, they don't make it clear before or during the booking process. You only discover this after you pay and is highlighted in the conformation email.

So, the price you think your are paying is only 55% of the total fee. AFTER you pay the 55% you receive an email stating you need to pay the 45% balance. The booking system and all the details right up to paying appeared legitimate. Paid my USD2579.00 quoted. After CC payment confirmed emails come through showing payment was 55% (USD2579) and need to pay 45% balance (USD211) 'once i have confirmed all details are correct. Total USD4690.00 business for a Hong Kong - Glasgow business class airfare.

They also state on their website you can receive a full 100% refund within 12 hours of booking. I emailed immediately within minutes after receiving the confirmation email to cancel the booking. I received a reply the day after from Vicky.ng@flightsticketcorp.com i had many options to modify my booking, take a cheaper economy flight or cancel with charges. I immediately called the various phone numbers noted on their website; Hong Kong, Australia, UK. None of the phone numbers are answered nor have voicemail or an answering service.

I have now called my CC bank to report this company.

I'll go back to booking direct online with the airlines....

Be careful, don't use this web site!

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