I am travelling from Moscow to Trivandrum via Abu Dhabi. I arrive in Abu Dhabi Terminal 3 at 19:00 and my next Etihad flight is at 2:40 out of Terminal 1, a layover of 7 hours 40 minutes.

Do I need a transit visa? Can I remain airside between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1? I am an Indian passport holder.

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    Welcome to TSE. Whether or not you ever need a visa is highly dependent on your nationality; please edit your post to indicate which country's passport you are traveling on. It seems likely, however, that you will find the answer in Do you need a visa to transit Abu Dhabi airport?
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Without your nationality, it's difficult to offer to a specific response.

However, your carrier, Etihad Airlines, provides the link needed to determine whether you need a visa and, if so, to obtain it.

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