I am a permanent Resident of Canada and I am trying to understand the requirements of getting Schengen tourist visa.

I have not decided my exact dates of travel. I want to visit 6 to 7 countries. My appointment is with German Consulate for Schengen visa. All I know is I want to travel during the month of September or October for 2 weeks, depending on the best deal I get from travel agencies. How can I give them my itinerary or flight ticket details and accommodation details when I have still not decided on my exact dates?

I am also worried that, if I give hypothetical dates, they would issue a visa for just those 15 days and, later, if I cannot find any good deal for that period, it will be a waste.

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    You could submit a vague itinerary. They might accept it, but the risk is very high that it will be refused, especially for a first-time applicant. You could also make tentative plans and then make minor changes afterward, that's permitted with a Schengen visa. The risk would be that some border official finds that your changes are not really minor. So the best idea is to make more firm plans now. – o.m. Jun 16 '17 at 5:48

Obviously you need to make up your mind before arranging the travel and arrange the travel before getting the visa.

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