I'm going to Helsinki for 4 days. Where I live, I go to a Taizé worship service.

Are there any Taizé services in Helsinki? If so, how could I make contact and join the prayer service?

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The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church arranges weekly prayers and monthly masses that include Taizé-songs in the Mustasaari chapel from June 8th to August 10th on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Mustasaari is an island on the West coast of Helsinki, you need to take a ferry there. You don't have to contact them, just arrive there when there's a prayer or a mass.

Ecumenical Prayer of Trust is a beautiful service with Taizé-songs, Bible texts and meditative silence. The songs are sung in different languages and the texts and parts of the intercerssions are read in English. After the prayer we drink tea together. Once a month there is a Mass of Trust. The mass is held by the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church and is open for everyone.

Also the Käpylä Church arranges Taizé-inspired prayers every Wednesday at 6pm.

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