I am planning a trip to visit Macau by flying to Hong Kong and and go from the airport to the ferry terminal for the ferry that goes through outer Macau. I don't want to enter Hong Kong itself.

What documents are required? I have my Indian passport, air ticket from Delhi to Hong Kong (round trip) and confirmed hotel bookings in Macau. Are these sufficient, or do I need anything else (like pre-arrival registration for Hong Kong and ferry bookings, too)?


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From HKIA website (retrieved 7 June 2017):

To PRD and Macao

For transfer passengers who would like to take ferries to the Pearl River Delta (PRD) / Macao, please proceed to the ferry ticketing counters located at Transfer Area E2 and DO NOT go through immigration procedures and reclaim baggage. Passengers who have gone through immigration procedures CANNOT return to the ferry ticketing counters and use the ferry service.

To use the service, passengers must:

Possess the following items:

  • Same day arrival flight air ticket / e-ticket / boarding pass stub;

  • A valid ferry ticket; and

  • A valid passport and, if applicable, a visa for intended destination (China / Macao).

Transfer to PRD / Macao within the same day of arrivals;

Arrive at the Ferries to Mainland / Macao Ticketing Counter located at Transfer Area E2 at least 60 minutes before scheduled ferry departure time for ticketing and transfer procedures. For passengers without checked baggage, 30 minutes would be sufficient.

There is an associated Chinese/English flowchart as well.

Its steps are:

Purchase ferry ticket and present baggage tag receipt at the Ferries to Mainland/Macao Ticketing Counter at Transfer Area E2

Scan ferry ticket and check your baggage status at the ferry boarding entrance

Board the Automated People Mover to SkyPier

Board ferries to PRD & Macao ports (note: PRD is Pearl River Delta ports)

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