Long story short: an airline was on strike and, with a notice of 3 days in advance, my flight was moved two days later, so I had to stay 2 days more where I was. I already know that I'm entitled to no compensation for the lost working days (a strike is considered by EU law an "unpredictable event"), but when I went to the airline asking for reimbursement for hotel and meals' expenses, they said "hell, no". Is it not my right to obtain a reimbursement for those?

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An airline has a duty of care irrespective of whether the delay or cancellation is caused by circumstances beyond the airline's control. The airline is responsible for food and accommodation still.

From wikipedia:

Even in the event of a flight cancellation on account of unforeseen technical problems, air carriers are required to compensate passengers.

Some other random site specifically mentioning strikes:

Whilst you are not able to claim monetary compensation when your plane is delayed or cancelled due to strike action, under EC261/2004 the airline still has a duty of care to passengers. Article 9 of the Regulation sets out in more detail the care and assistance that the airline must provide free of charge.

If you find yourself caught up in strike chaos here are your entitlements: My plane has been delayed by over two hours due to industrial action

  • Meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time
  • Hotel accommodation in cases where a stay of one night or more becomes necessary
  • Transport between the airport and the accommodation
  • Two telephone calls, telex or fax messages or email

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