I have a Galaxy Note 4. I know that the Note 7 is restricted. Has anyone had trouble getting other phones aboard a plane recently?

Just want to know if I should leave it home.


This quite broad but let's review a few agencies.

  1. India there's nothing aside from the specific Note 7 ban.

  2. USA you might be surprised to see there's no mention of the Note 7 in the 2016 SAFOs. What there is the "SAFO 16011, Air Transport Restrictions for Recalled Lithium Batteries and Lithium Battery Powered Devices" -- the Note 7 got banned because it had a safety recall.

  3. EU, this one is the only newer I am aware of, EASA SIB 2017-01 replaced EASA SIB 2016-14R1 on 2017 February 09 and instead of a specific device it focuses on "damaged, defective or recalled lithium batteries or devices" much as SAFO 16011 did.

In short: if your device is powered by a battery which is not damaged, defective or recalled you are good to go.


I have completed over 10 trips by plane since October 2016, all with my trusty old Note 4. No problems whatsoever with any airline. I was asked various times what model I had (only in USA) but after clarifying and proving to be a Note 4, everything was ok.

You will not have any problem.


I flew to the UK with both the 2 and the 4 no problems either time. 2014-2016

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