I spent 6 months in the UK last year (February to August 2016) under a Tier 2 Skills Transfer visa from the US on a US passport.

I will be starting the Tier 2 General visa process with my US employer to move to our UK office in the next month or so. Currently they are undergoing the labor market test.

I have a close friend's wedding in the UK the first weekend of September and I am wondering if I will be able to enter the country while undergoing a separate visa application. I would enter the country after the 12 month cool down period from my visa last year and would have a return ticket to show them I am entering as a tourist (for now).

Will I likely be allowed in? Will entering the UK complicate my current visa application at all? If everything goes smoothly, I should have visa stamp by the end of September or early October.

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For your case, you can enter the UK between the end of your cooling-off period and the conclusion of the RMLT. Obviously you cannot enter the UK during the application stage because they will have your passport. It's also a violation of Paragraph 28 to be in the UK during the entry clearance application stage.

Re your wedding visit, if it's between the dates mentioned above, you're ok, but be prepared for a rather warm landing interview.

Note: be totally sure you have discussed your travel plans with the Authorising Officer at your T2 sponsor. Preferably in writing.

Note: for others following this thread, the OP is applying for a T2 and not a visitor visa. T2's are subject to cooling-off periods whereas visitor visas have no such restriction.

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