I have a Turkish passport. Can I get a visa upon arrival at the airport in Romania, or do I need to apply in advance at their Consulate?

If I need to apply in advance, can I apply in Abu Dhabi even though I don't have UAE residency? I have the Oman residency at the moment.

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According to the Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkish passport holders do need a visa, issued in advance, not on arrival. Without it, you wouldn't be allowed to board a flight to the country, either from UAE or Oman. However, you should be able to apply online, using the eVisa tool. As there is not an embassy or consulate in Oman, you are also able to apply from a nearby country.

Romania Embassy in Abu Dhabi
2nd Str., Nr.9, W(14/1) plot No.13 at Al Rodha Area
PO Box 70416
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Phone +971-244-59919
Fax +971-244-61143
Email [email protected]

Romania Embassy in Riyadh
Riyadh, King Fahad Quarter, Amin Al Rehany Street, Villa no.8
PO Box: 94319
Saudi Arabia
Phone +966-1-263-0456
Fax +966-1-456-9985
[email protected]
[email protected]

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