Is it all possible to plan a road trip in the Caribbean? Trinidad & Tobago seems to have a ferry, but that is within one country.

I am looking for a ferry enabling me to do a road trip through islands of multiple countries.

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There are some but they all cover short distances, often only within 1 country as you have seen.

The ones I've found...

  • Bahamas Ferries has car services from the Nassau to Andros, Eleuthera, Exumas and Abacos
  • One from Punta Sam to Isla Mujeres in Mexico
  • Apparently an international one from La Guiria in Venezuela to Chaguaramas in Trinidad and Tobago (although I can't find details)
  • T&T Port Authority operate a car ferry service between Port of Spain, Trinidad, and Scarborough

If you plot those on a map you'll see the coverage leaves a lot to be desired. There are probably other services but I doubt you could string together enough for an island-hopping "road trip".

Surely a sailing tour would be better anyway?

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