I am a non-EU resident currently residing in London, UK. I hold a multiple-entry Schengen visa holder issued by the French Embassy. Unfortunately my entire itinerary has changed and I am not visiting any countries submitted to the French Embassy. My Paris trip got postponed and I will be visiting Paris, France in the subsequent month and not in the first trip.

My query is are there any serious consequences or any repercussions if I visit any other countries and not the one in the itinerary given to them. How should I tackle this situation?

Thanks in advance.

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  • If the visa officials believe that the initial application was fraudulent, you have a problem. There have been issues especially with single-entry visa, that depends on how vigilant/concerned the entry officials in your new destination are.
  • If the visa officials believe that you are adjusting your itinerary in good faith, that's what the Schengen area and multiple-entry visa are all about, and you have no problem.

I don't think we can give you firm assurances without knowing more. If you are really worried, take the train to your first trip, that will get you a French entry stamp.

  • "If you are really worried, take the train to your first trip" Or bus if on a Budget. Also bear in mind the French are frequently lazy about stamping, in which case you must explicitly ask them to – Crazydre May 13 '17 at 5:42

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