My NZ passport is due to expire 2 days after I return from living in Mexico for years. Is this going to cause me any problems?

Would it be an issue for Mexican immigration?

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    Since you are a NZ citizen, NZ has to let you go home. Mexico shouldn't have an issue because they'll have to deport you if you stayed longer than you were allowed.
    – Michael
    May 3, 2017 at 22:18
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    NZ would likely let you in even with an expired passport, but the airline would likely not let you board. May 3, 2017 at 23:40

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Your New Zealand passport needs to be valid on arrival only. It does not need any period of validity beyond that.

Information as of  04MAY17 / 0557 UTC
National New Zealand (NZ)       /Embarkation Mexico (MX)
Destination New Zealand (NZ)
New Zealand (NZ)

Passport required.
- Passports and other documents accepted for entry issued to
nationals of New Zealand must be valid on arrival.


The Mexicans are only interested in ensuring you have the correct paperwork to exit: temporary visitors get part 2 of their entry form stapled to their passport, which must be returned on exit, but I am not sure what the procedure is for long term residents. They won't worry about your passport being close to expiry.

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