I am a dual citizen with Philippines and US. My US passport just expired and I am renewing it, no rush. Out of curiosity, I want to know if it is possible to travel with just my Philippine passport. Filipinos need a visa to enter the US, but I am a US citizen. I assume that leaving the US would be no issue, but upon re-entry where would I go for customs, a US citizen with a foreign passport?

DUPLICATE QUESTION FLAG: A similar question has been asked of a US-Canada dual citizenship, but Canadians do not need a visa to enter the US. And I am asking about more than just entry to the US, but also leaving the US, and details as to where I would go for re-entry in US customs.

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Leaving the US would indeed likely be no issue. However you are not going to be able to board the flight to US using your Philippine passport, unless you have a valid US visa in it (for which you're not eligible as US citizen). The airline will ignore your claim of US citizenship - they have no means to verify it - and will refuse you to board the flight.

So once you leave, you have two option for returning into US:

  1. Obtain a new US passport in the US Embassy in Manila;

  2. Obtain the Canadian or Mexican visa in your Philippine passport, and enter the US overland from those countries.

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