I am an Indian student and am going to Japan for my summer internship this May. There is a field ID No. issued to you by your government which I am supposed to fill in the Visa application form. What should I fill here since Aadhar is still not authenticated by the Government of India as an identity number?


According to the Japanese consulate in New Zealand:

The visa application form asks for my "I.D. No. issued to you by your government". What is this?

The governments of some countries give their citizens individual I.D. numbers. However, many countries (including New Zealand) do not. It is Okay to leave this section blank if your country does not have such I.D. numbers.

For India that number is the Aadhaar. While it may not be fully recognized as the official number for some purposes, it's better to put it into the application, as it's the de facto national ID. Likewise SSN is not the official number of US citizens, but it's recommended to use it for Japanese visa forms.

  • Although Japanese authorities will not really care if you write anything in there as they don't check national IDs, putting something legit in there can't hurt you at all. – xuq01 Apr 26 '17 at 21:36

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