Are there any genuine gers (yurts) near Sydney which can be booked for accommodation?

Looking on AirBNB, I can see some exclusively timber-based constructions that are ger-themed, but not really the real thing, such as The Yurt - treetops retreat, in New South Wales. And I can see some genuine gers, using canvas rather than entirely wood, in Victoria, such as The Yurt Alpine Retreat King Valley. There's a ger in the Australian National University, but it's not for accommodation. Business Insider mentions various unusual accommodations, but the ones for gers are in Victoria.

It should ideally be accessible by a couple of hours' land transport (car, coach, or train) from Sydney.

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There do not appear to be, not with your parameters, that it be a traditional structure and within a certain distance from Sydney.

Your options are limited to travelling a greater distance to those you've identified in Australia for the experience, or, should you be so inclined, purchasing one of your very own. Suzie in Rosebank has this on offer this traditional ger/yurt, price negotiable.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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