I want to buy a bus ticket (from Belgrade to Podgorica) online at https://busticket4.me/. However, I wonder if this site is reliable (maybe it's just a scam, maybe they will take my money and will not sell me a ticket).

Does anybody have any experience with them? Has anybody succeeded to buy a ticket from them?


As pointed out by @chx they satisfy the general criteria of a real company.

  1. They have an active Facebook page with recent reviews

  2. Their Android app has plenty of reviews and was recently updated

  3. Their contact page lists a physical address

  4. Their parent company is real and the owner looks like a real person (please Google their name by yourself)

Whether or not they're reliable is primarily opinion based and is not a good fit for a Q&A format.


I have been in Montenegro recently. This is what I have seen on Podgorica main bus station: busticket4.me website busticket4.me ad As we see, the screen with a schedule of buses just displays a busticket4.me website. And there is an ad and a logo of busticket4.me there. Which suggests it is not just a scam.

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