We travel to malaga next weekend and from there on we will hike in the sierra nevada. I was there a few years ago and remember that we have had big trouble to find any Aclcohol-fuel for our burner.

  1. What is the name for this in spanish?
  2. Where can I find it?
  3. Are there any outdoor shops in Malaga?
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    What is Alcohol fuel? Simply ethanol? This ethanol gel?
    – sweber
    Mar 25 '17 at 6:51
  • Simply ethanol would be perfect for my stove.
    – ruedi
    Mar 25 '17 at 9:09
  • How much do you need? manuelriesgo.com/… this is five litres. Sorry I do not know an offline shop.
    – chx
    Mar 25 '17 at 10:45
  • I need about half a liter. In some countries you get it in the pharmacy but I am not sure if that is the case in Spain. I will arrive at malaga airport at 9:40 and have to take the bus to motril at 11:15. So, either I have to get some there or I have to get some in Lanjaron. But the chance to get ethanol there is (i reckon) close to zero.
    – ruedi
    Mar 25 '17 at 13:19

How big is your burner? Take your burner to a local ferreteria (hardware store), and simply say 'Tienes Combustible de alcohol' . That should do the trick. If not go to the big department store EL CORTE INGLES (you will find them online). They have a huge camping/outdoor department and should know where to get it if they don't stock it. Have a great time in Spain!

Here's the link for El Corte Ingles


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    Combustible para biochimenea on the Corte Inglés website. It's actually in the Terraza y Jardín (verandah and garden) department. Mar 29 '17 at 20:45
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    Thanks @Peter Taylor . That makes more sense to me, I knew I had seen it in an El Corte Inglese, I just had the wrong department. Hopefully the OP can find it when he gets there. Mar 30 '17 at 5:20

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