For residents of UK, the documents for Swiss visiting visa application include one such item:

(for student) student letter confirming the purpose and duration of the trip to Switzerland and the date of returning to work or school

However, I go to Switzerland just to visit my relatives. Therefore, my school is not able to confirm the purpose and duration of my travel, since I am not travelling on behalf of my school.

In this case, can I provide only a Status Letter proving I am a student of my university, without indicating travelling purpose and duration on that very letter?

In addition, I am trying to apply for two-year multiple entry Schengen visa.


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I sent an enquiry to [email protected]. Got an answer the next day:

Thank you for your email. Kindly be advised the ‘letter of status’ is accepted by The Embassy of Switzerland. Please note the letter must be dated not older than a month and should have a pen signature
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarification you might need. Best regards,

In conclusion, providing only the status letter is OK.

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