The website seems to suggest that the day pass is only valid for rail.


One Day Pass $14.50 Pass available on SmarTrip® cards is valid for one day of unlimited Metrorail travel;

But that seems a bit strange for a day pass. Can someone who has used it recently please confirm?

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    The only WMATA pass that is good for bus as well as rail is, well, the SelectPass Rail with Bus Pass, which is a monthly pass aimed at commuters. All others are for one mode or the other.
    – choster
    Mar 12, 2017 at 5:01

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No, because it clearly says

is valid for one day of unlimited Metrorail travel

Metrorail is not WMATA bus.

PS. The price of this pass for the value it offers is ridiculous, I know.


This came up on TripAdvisor:

Can you use a one day smartrip card for both bus and metro?

Passes are not a good value for a regular tourist and must be bought separately for bus and metro and loaded onto Smartrip card.

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