Is there a website or similar that gathers all the (public) activities in Centri Sociali and other leftist counter-cultural venues, to make it easier for an outsider to find out what's happening on a given day?

Examples for other cities might be demosphere (Many cities in France) or Kalinka (Munich), my interest is more in concerts and parties than rallies and talks.

I only skimmed the resources given in the answer to this question, but it does not seem to cover the self-organized spaces I'm interested in.


There is a website listing a few CSOA's in Rome. In addition, google is your friend. Search for "CSOA Roma" and check out the results. (CSOA stands for Centro Sociale Occupato Autogestito.) These are a good start. From there onwards, your best bet is to check if the centre has a facebook page. An alternative is to visit the centre itself and to look for posters / flyers advertising events. Due to the semi-illegal and underground nature of the CSOA's events tend not to be advertised on a mass scale. You are likely to find posters in and close to the centre but not all around the city.

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