I am going to be spending next week in Dublin on vacation (in February, I know). I wanted to know the cost of living in Ireland. Last I looked, the conversion between the US dollar and Euro was 1 USD = .95 Euros. So for sake of simplicity, let's say it one-to-one. Can I eat for the same amount in Dublin as I do in the US? I understand that eating in New York City is very different than eating in El Paso, Texas.


Alternative from Expatistan (the food part):

Food prices


Thank you @JonathanReez for the website.

Consumer Prices in New York, NY are 28.27% higher than in Dublin

Consumer Prices Including Rent in New York, NY are 56.50% higher than in Dublin

Rent Prices in New York, NY are 105.54% higher than in Dublin

Restaurant Prices in New York, NY are 19.80% higher than in Dublin

Groceries Prices in New York, NY are 63.52% higher than in Dublin

Local Purchasing Power in New York, NY is 3.38% higher than in Dublin]1

Data as of February 27, 2017.


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