• Should I book Viazul bus tickets on Viazul.com in advance?
  • There are not so many departure times - can tickets be sold out if I will come to a bus station and will try to buy a ticket few hours before departure?
  • Is it possible to reserve a ticket in a station for a route which is between different cities than station?

There is similar question about Intercity transportation in Cuba but it is more about specific routes and Viazul alternatives - taxi colectivos.

  • I know it but is does not answer my question.
    – Justas
    Feb 23, 2017 at 8:54
  • Answers to your questions: yes, yes, no.
    – Suncatcher
    Feb 23, 2017 at 9:54

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Found info on Cuba - Get around - Viazul:

Reservations can be made in advance on their website, but this is typically only necessary when leaving from or going to popular destinations in high season. Reservations can also be made at a Viazul ticket office (usually located at or near the place where the buses stop). If the bus is full, it’s very likely that you’ll be offered a ride in share taxi for the same price as the bus. If there are no shared taxis going to your destination, the ticket salesperson will likely advise you to arrive half an hour before the time of departure and wait for a late cancelation. If there is a late cancelation, you will be allowed to purchase a 'ticket' from the bus driver.

Tips for independent travellers to Cuba:

Many routes are oversubscribed. If your travel plans aren’t fixed, turn up early at the station and join the queue.

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