I am a USA permanent resident. In 2009 while an H1B worker in the USA, I applied for a visa to visit Canada. The consular officer requested information clarifying my legal status in the USA. I never went back for the visa because I was temporarily out of status at the time and didn't have the evidence required. I never received any indication that the visa was denied.

I want to visit Canada now. Would applying for a visa be suspicious/advisable considering USA permanent residents are allowed to visit without a visa?

I would prefer having a visa stamp in my passport because I plan to return to my home country for good within a year and give up my USA green card. Having once received a Canadian visa would be beneficial at that point in my application for visas to other countries.

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Some points you might like to consider:

  1. What happens if you apply and are refused (even if in part because never necessary in the first place)?
  2. How much track record weight is a Canadian visa going to add to an H1-B?
  3. Is it true that Canada doesn't stamp foreign passports by default?
  4. CBSA Travel History Report.
  5. Cost and hassle v. likely benefit.

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