I recently went to Brussels airport and ended up in Zaventem for practical reasons. Since I had some time I ended up walking which is quite doable (if you like it).

I was wondering if there are Buses to the airport. I googled around and best solution found was in rome2rio bus nr272.

I any case I don't know how frequent this is, if there are other alternatives and the price.

How can I can I get from Zaventem train station to the airport?

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Accurate as 15 Feb 2017

By train or bus. Brussels Airport has their own underground train & bus station.

You can look for public transport possibilities on the website of the national traincompany (NMBS in flemish, SNCB in french) or on the website of the Flemish busses(De Lijn). Both sites should give the same results (both give trains and busses)

I can't give you a link to results because that search query expires.


Fill in the route planner as in the example below. (Luchthaven means airport) Search query example

On weekdays there seems to be 1 train/hour, which takes 4 minutes. This would cost you €7.50 one way. (prices do change almost every year though) Train result


You can also take the bus from Zaventem station to the airport. This will take between 15 - 20 minutes, depending on which bus. (This is also a week day result) You can use the website from the busses company Busses result Prices may change and were from 16/02/2017 Busses are a bit cheaper. There are serveral tickets you can buy. Thinking you will only take the bus once:

  • 1 way ticket: €3 easiest, can buy on the bus(cash), from a machine or in the bus station. (sometimes you can buy it from the train station people too)

  • SMS ticket: €2 + €0.15 (for the sms itself), cheaper than 1 way ticket. Valid for 1 hour from the moment you send your SMS. (depends on what you put in the message). Only works with these mobile operators

Both are only valid for 60 minutes.

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    @nsn: Yes, the Diabolo surcharge is included in the 7,50 EUR.
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    Feb 16, 2017 at 15:00
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The best solution depends on where exactly in Zaventem you are. You can find this info on the website of De Lijn. There's a facility to find a bus based on departure and arrival points (routeplanner, airport is Luchthaven in Dutch) and a line schedule (dienstregeling).

Line 272 is indeed a possibility


Every half hour line 359 goes to the airport, with 6 stops on the territory of Zaventem.


There's also line 282 (Mechelen-Zaventem) also runs every half hour during the day


The english translation isn't ideal, but it should be easy to figure out the info you need.

Cost: there is a fixed price for a ticket valid for a single trip, it will cost you 3 Euros.

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