When Airbnb came on the scene, it seemed many (including myself) used it to make travel less expensive. But it has become increasingly popular for hosts to use it as a significant income source (also driving many cities to impose legislation against it to prevent neighborhood disruptions and rises in housing costs).

Couchsurfing.com has long existed as a more casual, unstructured option.

But are there any websites that are centered around stay swapping or a credit-based system for homestays? Such a system would seem to facilitate cheaper travel and encourage many of the positives (social interactions, organic city experiences, maximizing housing usage) Airbnb favored without some of the negatives.

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    It's usually called "home trading" or "home swap". – 27701 Apr 24 '19 at 21:23

There are a variety of home swapping sites, some examples of which are listed in the article 10 things you need to know about home swapping:

Every one works slightly differently, but many have options that range from simultaneous exchanges (you stay in their home while they stay in yours) to credit-based systems.

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