I am travelling from the US to India on Lufthansa. I have five spare Lithium-ion batteries, each 850mAh.

Can I bring them back safely?


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From the Lufthansa, Dangerous Goods that may be carried under certain Conditions regulations (yours should be less than 10 Wh each):

Portable electronic devices containing lithium metal or lithium-ion cells or batteries, such as watches, calculating machines, cameras, cellular phones, laptop computers, camcorders, etc., when carried for personal use.

Checked baggage:               up to 100 Wh, or 2g       Yes
                               100 - 160 Wh, or 2 - 8g    No  
Cabin baggage:                                           Yes
On one's person                                          Yes
Approval of carrier required:  up to 100 Wh, or 2g        No
                               100 - 160 Wh, or 2 - 8g   Yes

Batteries must meet the requirements of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, part III, section 38.3.

Rules for spare batteries:
• Spare lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries with a Watt-hour rating up to 100 Wh for such consumer electronic devices:
- The user has to remove the battery.
- Allowed in cabin baggage only and in quantities for personal use only.
- These batteries must be individually protected to prevent short circuits.
• Each installed or spare battery must not exceed:
- For lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries a lithium content of more than 2g,
- For lithium ion batteries of a Watt hour rating of more than 100 Wh:
- Not more than two spare batteries per person.
- Allowed in cabin baggage only.
- Approval of the carrier is required.

- E-cigarettes or other artificial smoking devices containing lithium batteries shall only be accepted on cabin baggage.
- Articles which are used as power source, e.g. power banks are considered as spare batteries.
- Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The smartphone is neither allowed on board nor in the carry-on and checked baggage. Lufthansa Group does not offer any storage facilities at the airports.


YES, for a US airline, but you must bring them as Carry On baggage. You should not check them. Many other airlines follow this guidance as well.

FAA: Pack Safe Lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, spare (uninstalled)

Most airlines publish the guidelines on their web site so you can easily search for you specific case.

Example Lufthansa: Carry-on baggage on Lufthansa and Dangerous Goods that may be carried under certain Conditions

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