I have a Chinese passport but live in the US on green card.

Can tourist visa for a trip to Belgium for a conference be acquired at Belgium Consulate in Atlanta? What are requirements, cost, and timeline? Will travel from USA to Paris to Brussels.

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    Note when filling out the application form that a trip for a conference is generally considered business rather than tourism. Checking the wrong box would probably not in itself lead to a refusal, but could at least delay the processing of the application. Feb 8, 2017 at 20:42

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The Belgian mission in Atlanta is accredited as a "Consulate General". Accordingly, it is entitled to issue visas, including the Schengen Short-stay visa. This authority includes qualifying Chinese nationals, both with green card and without.

They advise...

We advise 3 weeks before the intended departure date.


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See Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in the United States and follow the appropriate links therein.

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