I'm an Erasmus exchange student currently located in Madrid. I'm from Turkey so, to come here, I got a 6-month Spanish National Visa. For some volunteer work, I will travel to Estonia (with stopover in Germany) and back.

My question is whether, at any point, will my passport be stamped? I currently have the entry stamp into Spain.

I'm asking because Erasmus officials back home don't like it when we travel and I don't want it to become an issue.

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The Schengen Area functions as a single country for border purposes, so there will be no border control flying Spain-Germany-Estonia. Yes, it's just like a domestic trip (say, Ankara-Istanbul).

Although irrelevant, a few Schengen countries, especially Switzerland, perform selective border checks on entry by land, but those are just internal checks to see if everyone's in Schengen legally, and stamps are not issued during these.

But by air, no, your passport will not even be checked (except by the check-in desk if you have to go there, and maybe at the gate. That isn't border control though)

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