I am planning to visit Northern Poland and then Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I am thinking of going into the Russian state of Kaliningrad as well. I've read that compared to Russia proper it is easier to get a three day tourist visa for Kaliningrad. You don't need an invitation like for main land Russia.

I have a German passport and will leave from Berlin in the next few days. Is it possible to get a Kaliningrad visa in Gdansk or Vilnius in a day?


From quick search, I found out, that (as EU citizen) you can get 72-hours visa to Kaliningrad at the border.

You can get 72 hours visa only at 3 points:
- Kaliningrad airport, if you arrive by plane
- Russian-Polish border (Bagrationovsk and Mamonovo).

Another way is to get your visa in Poland is in consulate in Warsaw, but that may take longer.

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    I should add that this methods can be unavailable from January, 1st 2015 as a part of reaction for sanctions off.site
    – VMAtm
    Dec 11 '14 at 9:46

If you are departing from Berlin, you can use the Mamonovo post to get this visa right there, with no need to wait, as @Tschareck said. There is new road opened, more information is in our older question here: "Is it difficult to do a car border crossing in Kaliningrad Oblast?"

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