I am a dual citizen of the United States and Canada. I have never held a Canadian passport, and I decided to put together my application for one.

I have a Canadian citizenship certificate, and that is required to send in with the passport application. But this certificate card was issued when I was 2 years old. There's no expiration date on the card, but I wonder if my application will be scrutinized or otherwise delayed if I send in a card with a photo from over 25 years ago with a picture of a child on it - that kid could be anybody, after all!

I thought about first updating my citizenship certificate but the processing time takes about 5 months.

Is it necessary or required to update the citizenship certificate, particularly in support of the passport application?

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It should be fine. In fact, the Canadian certificates of citizenship that are issued currently are just a piece of paper with no photo at all (they stopped issuing the cards with a photo a few years back).


I emailed the passport program and asked them, their response:

The one you have should be accepted, don’t need to update.

along with some other general info as to what constitutes valid citizenship documentation.

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