I'm flying into Singapore on a low-cost carrier and have 7 hours until my next flight on British Airways. Can I check in early and leave my bags? The official website says:

Check-in counter opening time: 3 hours to 1 hour (before departure)

Early check-in timing: Up to 12hrs before departure (available between 0600hrs to 2359hrs)

Does this means I can only check in more than 12 hours before departure?

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    The time difference between departure and early check-in can be up to 12 hrs.
    – chx
    Jan 28 '17 at 5:20
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Yes, you can check in early. The confusing wording is attempting to say that early check-in opens 12 hours before the flight, so checking in and leaving your bags 7 hours before departure is perfectly fine.

Note that early check-in takes place at a dedicated "Early Check-In Lounge" behind Terminal 1, Row 5, a short distance from the regular BA check-in counters in Row 8, and this lounge lets you check in early for most oneworld airlines (and some others) in Changi.

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