Simple question - why are passengers in a bus allowed to not wear a seatbelt?

In Slovenia, I have never heard of anyone receiving a fine for not wearing a seatbelt in a bus. Seatbelts are mandatory in cars, however.

Is there a difference in safety between seatbelts in buses and other vehicles?


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The likely reason seatbelt usage is not common on buses is that buses are extremely safe as is. For instance this US study showed buses are many times safer than driving and that intercity buses are especially safe even for non-passengers who might be involved in crashes with them. transport fatality graph

None the less, seatbelt usage in intercity buses is gradually becoming required across EU countries, the US and Canada. Mostly starting with requirements that all new buses be outfitted with seatbelts. Still it seems relatively uncommon that passengers actually use these and enforcement would be challenging without sending out undercover officers - which frankly seems like a lot of effort for something that is a relatively small risk vs. violations of people travelling by car or truck. However, I've personally seen people get scolded by other passengers for not using seatbelts in Sweden.

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    In Australia, when I was there I was told there was a nation wide law to use seatbelts in buses. Some of the drivers were very serious about it and would not drive off (or even stop when safe) when someone did not sit with his belt on. Other drivers did even admit to know that there was a nation wide law. Not sure which driver told a white lie, but I do know that I wear the belt when it is supplied, even though I do not like it.
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