Similar questions have been asked, but couldn't find the information for Vladivostok, specifically.

I'm trying to find the cheapest way to get from Seoul to Barcelona during a very busy time of the year.

I found relatively cheap return tickets from Seoul to Vladivostok. I also found a cheap return ticket from Vladivostok to Barcelona.

Is it possible to transit from one flight to the other without having to go through customs? That is, without Russian visa?

I will have carry-on luggage only.

If not possible through Vladivostok, I could do the same through Beijing, but it will be a bit more expensive and the flight hours are less interesting. And more risky as time between flights is shorter, and I assume I won't be protected if any delay occurs.


Timatic has the following to say on Russian transit:

Transiting without a visa is possible for:

Holders of onward tickets for a max. transit time of 24 hours.

TWOV is not applicable if the airport of arrival is different from the airport of departure within the same Russian city.

There are no transit facilities available at Khabarovsk (KHV), Krasnodar (KRR), Mineralnye Vody (MRV), Rostov-on-Don (ROV), Sochi (AER), Vladivostok (VVO) and Yuzhno Sakhalinsk (UUS). Passengers are required to clear Immigration and Customs.

Therefore you will need a visa for a transit in Vladivostok. Transiting other airports (such as Moscow or St. Petersburg) should be fine however, as long as it's less than 24 hours.

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