In flights that cross Schengen borders but remain in the EU Customs Union, passport checks are required but customs checks are not. However, Wikipedia says that an international airport is an airport with immigration and customs facilities. I have made such flights that had passport checks but no customs checks. However, are airports classified as international (by IATA and ICAO according to Wikipedia) still required to have the ability to do customs checks, even if they do not regularly carry out any?

This may be relevant in cases where a country were to leave the EU Customs Union.

See also: How are occasional customs checks done at airports that do not normally have them? and Is there an airport which will lose UK connection if the UK leaves the EU customs union?.

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Is the ability to perform customs checks a requirement for an international airport?


As stated in the Wikipedia article referenced in the OP:

However, as some countries have agreements that allow connecting flights without customs and immigrations, such facilities do not define an international airport.

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