I am a Canadian permanent resident and living in Canada. I am originally from Afghanistan and would like to visit my girlfriend in Japan. I know Canadian passport holder can simply enter into Japan without a visa and as a permanent resident of Canada can I also enter Japan without a visa for 30 days?

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    Permanent Residence status is not citizenship and the majority of visa / entry rules are based on citizenship.
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    One of the extremely few exceptions to the rule @Tom mentions is the Schengen transit visa: holders of a valid residence permit issued by Andorra, Canada, Japan, San Marino or the United States of America do not need a Schengen transit visa. Do note this is only the transit visa, the short stay visa does not have such an exception.
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I am afraid NO, as an Afghan national and Canadian permanent resident you need a proper visitor's visa. Answer is from official Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver:

I am a permanent resident of Canada. Do I need a tourist visa?

It depends on your nationality or the passport you hold. If you hold a passport of a country with a reciprocal visa exemption arrangement with Japan, you do not need a visa to enter Japan as a tourist. Otherwise, you need one. More on Temporary Visitor's Visas.

Unfortunately Afghanistan is not listed in those countries who are listed as a visa exempted country. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. Therefore as an Canadian permenant resident and Afghan national you will need a proper Japan temporary visitor's visa.

Moreover, details regarding temporary visitors visa can be obtained from the following website:

Temporary Visitor's Visa Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver.

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