Kodokan sells a few judo uniforms, but does not have much choice nor stock, their job is not to sell judogi.

Is there a sort of big specialist store where people usually go buy their judogi, with several brands and many sizes and models? Must be ready-to-wear rather than by order, and accessible to foreign tourists.

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    I kind of disagree with closing this as a shopping request. OP’s not looking for a specific judo uniform or a certain price but asks if (and where) there are specialist stores that Japanese would use — imho on-topic.
    – Jan
    Jan 8, 2017 at 16:29
  • @Jan Even then, it's not about travel (it's a boat programming-type question).
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    Jan 8, 2017 at 20:04
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    (Aka you can't just stick "in <foreign place>" to a question to make it about travel.)
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    Jan 8, 2017 at 20:24
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    Japan is a shopping travel destination for many people: Anime fans, zazen addicts, kobe meat lovers, and serious judokas. Are some local people also fan of anime/zazen/beef/judo: Yes, but a tourist is not in the same situation as a local person. A local person would typically buy through the judo club they belong to.
    – nic
    Jan 9, 2017 at 0:18

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I know we frown at link only answers but here is the same question with many answers on Reddit. I have copy-pasted the relevant excerpts below.

there's a budo shop down the street from the kodokan that sells kusakura judogi as well as their own brand. the kodokan store also sells judogi.

i have bought from the shop down the road and they are fine, but as a foreigner i suggest contacting the owner of budo export who is very helpful and can get both kusakura and mitsuboshi judogi in adition to his own line. all the brands have "club" models that are a lot cheaper.

he can ship within japan and he also let me meet him and pick mine up in person. great guy. he is french but his english and japanese are very very good. use google translate on the website if you need to. don't go to the seido english site as that's only aikido stuff.

I bought a kuSakura pants from the shop down the road from the Kodokan, they were very friendly. They also sell some cool cloth with kanji it for decorating the dojo. I liked the Kodokan shop on the 1st floor though, they probably have everything he needs :)

There's Sakuraya near Kodanshita Station http://www.sakuraya.org/e_index.html

Definitely check out Iwata Shokai as well. http://iwataco.com/frame2e.html They were one of the earliest suppliers to the Kodokan, which they are very near, and though their dōgi are labelled aikidogi, they're actually judogi. (I am fairly certain that the house brand dōgi sold by Budo Export and Tozando are actually rebranded Iwata ones.)

I went to the Isami store in Suidobashi (for a BJJ gi). They have a few different brands and if I remember they had a sister store down the street with even more options. Not sure on price though, the Isami I bought was right around 30000 yen (but I think Isami is known as a higher-end gi). http://suidobashi-isami.com/ (BJJ, not judo)


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