I saw Can you go to a Conference in Canada on a Visitor Visa, or only a Business one? and visted: Canada Temporary Resident Visa. For biometrics they gave a link which is broken: Doing a quick search on http://isup.me/ and http://isup.me/ both result in the link being down.

Any other way to know if Indians looking for temporary resident visa need to give biometric fingerprints?


It appears that the link to the biometrics page from the application guide page is currently broken. IP addresses starting with 10. are not valid on the public Internet (that range is reserved for private networks), and in any case it is unusual to see a site with only an IP address and no domain name.

It seemed reasonable to me that the biometrics page would be on the same web server as the application guide. So I replaced the server part ( of the broken link with www.cic.gc.ca) and got the following link, which works:


  • I knew/know about 10.x.x.x being on private and hence was surprised as well. Thank you for the pointer though.
    – shirish
    Jan 5 '17 at 6:54

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