I am an Indian citizen currently in France with a long-term "visitor visa", valid for one year. Visitor visa allows me to stay in France for more than 90 days without working, see for example.

Is there a similar "visitor visa" for Germany which should allow me to stay in Germany for one year without working provided I have sufficient personal income already?

I know France and Sweden allows "visitor visa" i.e permit to stay in france (or Sweden) for more than 90 days without work. My question is whether Germany does the same?


As far as I know, anything beyond the Schengen C visa would be a befristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis (temporary residence permit). There is a list of reasons why such a permit can be granted, but tourism isn't on it.

On the other hand, an Aufenthaltserlaubnis may be granted for non-university language studies. I can't say if this would be granted in your case.

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