Jamaica is full of lovely friendly people, however, the drivers are, well, scary. That being said, I have a rental car and intend to drive on a Saturday from Ocho Rios to Mandeville. Google shows three routes enumerated by travel time:

  • Route 1: 2h 18m through Christiana
  • Route 2: 2h 40m A1 (new highway \ tollway?) through Christiana
  • Route 3: 2h 36m A1 to T1 to A2

The distances and times are pretty much all the same, so I would prefer driving on a newer highway without the winding road experienced on the A3 through the mountains.

Question: Which of the three routes has the best road conditions?

If you have driven the recommended route, please state this in your response.



Route 3 was recommended by several locals: although there were tolls, road conditions on the toll ways were good in stark contrast to the rest of the system. OBSERVE THE SPEED LIMITS: construction, falling rocks, DETOURS, are very dangerous on these highways. ARRIVE ALIVE.

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