I am a student in India with a single entry student visa, a resident permit valid for one year. I am from Ghana. I want to go back to my country for two weeks and come back to India. Can I exit and return with the single entry visa and the resident permit which I have?


No, you are not able to leave India and re-enter the country on your current visa. Your single-entry visa allows you into India one time only and, as you are already there, you won't be able to exit and return.

This is the usual practice, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs,

How may ‘entries’ are allowed to foreign students?

Normally one entry. However, on bonafide reasons, a foreign student can apply for additional entries at:

Visa Facilitation Centre
Foreigners Division
Ministry of Home Affairs
Jaisalmer House
26, Mansingh Road, New Delhi – 110003

And, for convenience, the directives from the Foreigners Division:

  1. Foreign nationals in India may require various services like Registration, Visa extension/conversion etc. For this purpose, various powers have been delegated to the FRROs/FROs which are available on the weblink.

  2. The foreign nationals are advised to visit the concerned jurisdictional FRRO/FRO for such Visa related services.

  3. If any service is required by foreign national which is not covered in the above mentioned delegated powers, even then the foreign national should visit the concerned jurisdictional FRRO/FRO and submit formal request for the service. The concerned FRRO/FRO will examine the request completely and if he/she prima facie agrees with the request of the foreigner, he/she will forward the application to the Ministry of Home Affairs for appropriate decision. If the concerned FRRO/FRO feels that the request of the Foreigner cannot be agreed to, he will straightaway advise the foreigner accordingly.

  4. In case of any queries, Foreigners may contact Visa Support Center by email at visasupport@nic.in or on telephone numbers 011-22560198, 011-22560199

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    Seeing those rules and knowing Indian bureaucracy, I suspect processing time to get an additional entry in your one-year visa will be approximately 2 years... – lambshaanxy Dec 14 '16 at 6:34

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