Can you kindly please advise me on what type of visa - B1 or B2 (business or tourist) would I need to apply for?

To give you some context:

I am currently working for a US company in London - cover the EMEA region. The company is organising a global meeting in the US where all company members need to attend.

My questions is, would I need a business visa or a tourist visa? My company can show all details of travel etc.

PS: I am a Romanian citizen who has been living and working in London for the last past 6 years.


Simple: You're going for business, so you need a business (B1) visa. Attending a company meeting is a perfect example of a valid business need.

However, the US most commonly issues the combined B1/B2 visa, which is valid for either purpose, and you'll most likely get one of these if you apply.

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