I am planning a trip from Kaliningrad to Tallinn. Since gasoline in Russia is cheaper than in Lithuania, it is useful to fill up a canister and bring it across the border to the Schengen zone.

What is the upper limit for tax-free import of gasoline (for a car) in a portable container to Lithuania from outside of the EU? For Estonia for example it is 10 liters but I can't seem to find a similar source for Lithuania (this resource for example does not list fuel).

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The limits are exactly the same for all EU countries, since they're in a single market and cannot set their own rules when it comes to imports from non-EU countries. Therefore for Lithuania (and all other EU members) the limit is as following:

  • In any means of motor transport, the fuel contained in the standard tank; and

  • a quantity of fuel not exceeding 10 litres contained in a portable container.

Note that this only applies to non-commerical imports, which means you're not allowed to resell this fuel after crossing the border.

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