I was involved in an accident (in England, A259) this morning, with four vehicles (v1 to v4, v1 in front and me in v2) involved, in line and hit from behind. I was driving the second vehicle from the front. It happened when we slowed in traffic, and the vehicle in front of me (v1) had stopped or almost stopped. I was almost stationary safely short of him, when my car (vehicle 2) was hit from behind and pushed into v1 in front of me. After an obscenity filled pause I and v1 pulled ahead a little and on to the verge. We established that both our vehicles 1 and 2 had suffered no damage beyond a few superficial scratches.

However the van behind me, vehicle 3, I could see had had its front number plate knocked off. The last vehicle 4 now badly damaged at its front end, had been the source of the accident, having run at speed into the back of v3 and shunted us all forward. I did not look at the damage to v3, it was hidden by the wreckage of v4. Having established everyone ok, I and v1 went on, leaving the drivers of v3 and v4 to sort it out.

Should I have done more, like give them my details or especially should I have informed the police?

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This isn't really appropriate for this site, but...

You don't need to report it to the police.

You should report it to your insurance company, giving as many of the other parties details as possible.

Why? Because all parties have several years in which to lodge a claim against you - if you report it now, your insurance company can investigate it with the other parties and come to a "no fault" closure on your account, ending the threat of claims and litigation later on.

I have seen insurance cases where there has been no damage at the scene, but one party has lodged a claim two years later for a new radiator or whatever, and because the person being claimed against failed to report the accident to their insurance company at the time it was almost impossible to fight.

  • If anyone is injured, you are required to call the police and remain at the scene until the police arrive. – RedGrittyBrick Nov 25 '16 at 17:10

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