I will be travelling from Switzerland (Geneva) via the UK (Heathrow) to South Africa with British Airways on January 7 2017.

I will be landing and departing from Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport.

I have a valid Swiss living and working permit. My husband is an EU citizen (Portugal). I have a South African passport. My air ticket shows South Africa as my final destination.

On the 29 January 2017, I will fly back to Switzerland via UK (Heathrow) using Terminal 5 for landing and departing once again. I will use my Swiss permit to enter Switzerland.

Do I need Direct Airside Transit visa (DATV)? Will I need to go through immigration/border control at Heathrow? Does landing with British Airways at Heathrow mean I'll stay on the airside and only need to go through security with hand luggage?

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If your journey is in a single booking, you will not need to clear immigration. If it's two separate bookings, you will need to clear immigration.

Regardless, however, as a holder of a Swiss residence permit, you do not Need a UK DATV to change planes. If you do clear immigration, you must leave (i.e. the next flight must depart) no later than 23:59 the next day.

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