I am flying Delhi-Lisbon and have a transit in Heathrow. My jet flight from Delhi arrives at terminal 4 at 5:40 PM and I have a TAP Portugal flight from Terminal 2 at 7:55 PM. This is single e ticket with both flight segments listed on the same ticket, so I am assuming my baggage will be checked through to Lisbon.

Do I need a Visa transiting at Heathrow and also is this enough time to make the connection? I am an Indian citizen with a valid US visa, so technically I am expecting as per UK website. But I am not sure given the fact that I need to take a train/bus to change terminals.


When transiting airside at Heathrow, dedicated buses will transport you between the terminals, meaning you will not have to clear immigration.

For this type of transit, you do not need a visa, owing to your valid US visa.

If you did need to clear immigration (to pick up baggage for example, which you won't because you have a single ticket), you would need a visa to do so, because then, a US visa holder also needs to be on a journey to/from the US.

However, since there are airside buses, which means you don't need to clear immigration, your US visa alone means you can do this trip without a UK visa.

As for the timing, you will be OK according to Heathrow's flight connection planner: however even if you miss the connection (such as if your inbound from Delhi is delayed), the airline will take care of you since the trip is on a single ticket.

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