I have bought return tickets for myself and 3 other family members. I have only one reservation number for the 4 of us.

What happens if for instance one of us misses the outbound flight (no show)? The other 3 will fly normally.

Will they cancel the inbound flight for everyone or just the person that missed the flight?

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    Just the person who missed the flight. – phoog Nov 8 '16 at 17:44
  • Avianca, does it vary by airline? – fdr Nov 8 '16 at 17:49

There is a recent discussion about (roughly) this on FlyerTalk - happily also Avianca, from which I conclude your would-be fellow passengers need not fear your depriving them of their seats.

When you try to cancel tickets they are actually processed one at a time (you pay $50 per ticket) ... It should be absolutely not problem to cancel just one of the two tickets. Just call the Avianca call-center and say you wish to cancel a reservation, then explain you wish to cancel only one out of the two passengers.

(scibuff Feb 3, 16, 6:28 pm)

It may be worth contacting Avianca, with a good reason, to see if your return flight could be held for you regardless of a fairly standard sector convention that failing to show up for any one of a series of flights booked as a series will give rise to cancellation of all the remainder of the series.

That is, if you are considering flying out a little later than presently booked but would like to return according to your original schedule.

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