I am in the planning process of starting my own travel agency business. I periodically will have to charge client's credit cards for hotel upgrades, flight class upgrades, taxes etc. I thought I would be able to use Chase bank's paymentech / orbital system, but they do not offer payment processing for travel businesses. Does anyone have recommendations or use a particular company?

P.S. I do not anticipate processing many payments the first year as it will take time to build up clientele.

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They accept travel related businesses, offer functionality to accept cards in person (swipe devices), virtual terminal to process phone orders and an API to handle website transactions. Transferring funds from your Paypal account to your bank account is fairly quick. And they have a debit card which can be used to pay hotels and such, rather than always wiring payments. They are also good at assisting with disputing questionable chargebacks.

We have used them for a number of years now without incident (though I am sure some horror stories will appear shortly in the comments ;-)

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