Fast and reliable Wi-Fi can we a rare commodity in Botswana. Most hotels, guesthouses and residentials usually have rather slow internet connection (750 kbps- 1.5 Mbps).

I am looking for stable connection with fast internet, so I can update my mac. I don't mind spending the day in a coffee shop, but keep in mind, Sierra update is about 4.6 GB.


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Not necessarily comprehensive but perhaps 'a start', from Service Wi-Fi Space where there is also a map:

TSE81624 example

In a Comment OP has reported:

Europa did have the best internet in town for a while, but something happened and now Macs can't connect. Mugg and Bean is a SA chain and they give you a voucher with one hour of very slow internet.

Bull & Bush is a pub/restaurant and Nicleb01 has recently confirmed Free wifi is a bonus. Linga Longa is a creation of those who run Bull and Bush.

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