I am an Indian citizen planning to visit Georgia for vacation. This is my first trip abroad, but I have a valid US b1 visa on my passport, so I won't need a separate visa for Georgia. My questions are below:

  1. Although I have a valid US visa, I have not traveled on it yet. Am I still exempt from applying for a Georgian visa if my US visa is fresh/not traveled.

  2. What should I show as proof of purpose of travel? I am travelling solo, I don't know anyone there and don't have an invitation letter

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  1. Yes, you are still exempt. Your US visa simply has to be valid, as stated both by the Georgian MFA, implicitly by Georgia's E-Visa portal, and by Timatic, the database used by airlines.

  2. You will not normally be asked anything if your passport and US visa are in order, but to be safe, have a hotel booking confirmation, return flight confirmation, proof of travel insurance and either cash or a bank statement.


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